Too many of our communities are being transformed into tourist ghettoes, with accommodation & jobs for locals suffering - and yet you'd like to host? Koldrun could be your answer. If you have an active cultural interest and would like to host visitors with artistic, musical, and other creative interests that help keep our communities alive then we welcome you to our site. Feel free to register and build your listing. We do not support 'absentee hosting'.

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$ 38.10 Per Night
Tattooist located in Liverpool, UK I have a spare room It’s not posh But it’s clean and it’s a friendly flat above my tattoo parlour in a friendly part of the world King size bed Shared Bath/Shower room Use the kitchen too help yourself to tea & coffee It’s yours for room payment and a ...
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$ 44.45 Per Night
Very near to the town centre, railway station and both beaches. All within ten minute’s walk I have a twin room for rent (two single beds) Amazing Sunrises and Sunsets here, as well as incredible photo opportunities around Devon. It’s really basic, so, honestly, if you want anything other than really basic, then please don’t ...
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$ 50.80 Per Night
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Dave Davies
What a great idea! koldrun is a new venture aimed at bringing travel accommodation hosts & guests together through their interests in the arts and other creative and performance media.. It is a marvelous way to make connections with people that have similar interests in the world of creative arts, music, photo, and performance, etc. It introduces another dimension to the short-term accommodation domain where creative folk can support other artists by directing their travel accommodation costs to provide a supplementary income for fellow artists, etc. and guests benefit from having an informed, resourced and friendly host. Sign up via the register host button.
Hi - We're new and looking forward to working with you. If you are a short-term accommodation host with an interest in any of the creative and performing arts then head on over to the host registration section, where you can build your listing. We believe that there is real value - both human and commercial value, in connecting people with similar interests.
happy client
I'm really looking forward to the experience of hosting - and staying too, as a guest. Connecting with like minded people, wherever I travel.
The theme of koldrun, bringing together people with common interests in a host/guest setting will create exciting opportunities for social mingling (if one choses to do so) as well as for inspiration, interest and perhaps too, some weird and wonderful connections and collaborations.

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